The DELTA NOVA buildings are located on Avda. de Manoteras, 46 and 46 bis in one of the few business parks actually in the city of Madrid. The DELTA NOVA 4 building has a gross leasable area of 10.228 m² on five floors and 260 parking spaces. The DELTA NOVA 6 building has a gross leasable area of 14.855 m² on seven floors and 386 parking spaces. Floors full adaptable to open space or office layouts.

DELTA NOVA 4 and DELTA NOVA 6 also offer their tenants direct 0-hassle connections from any area and by any means of transportation. The ideal conditions to add productivity to work-life balance. Just what employees and society demand.


DELTA NOVAbuildings are located on a differential site in the Manoteras business area, easy to get to and from. In addition to a full service portfolio (hotels, restaurants, malls, etc.) which makes it an attractive and influential workplace.

Many companies, leaders in their markets, choose to set up their headquarters in this area. A highly valued area, located in the city of Madrid itself, where DELTA NOVA 4 and DELTA NOVA 6 present their completely renovated and refurbished new image. They present a sure value of work-life balance, prestige, and image.
10 min
5 min
Lineas: 129, 150, 229
3 min
Parada Virgen del Cortijo
5 min
Parada Fuente de la Mora
5 min
Autovía A-1, M-30, M-11
Avenida de Manoteras, 46
28050 Madrid


The DELTA NOVA buildings went through a spectacular renovation in 2015. This major transformation included touch-ups on facades, awnings, and atriums, new lobbies and central patios, renewed signage and inside and outside furniture, access control, recovery of common spaces, expansion of gardens and R&R areas, etc.

Just what DELTA NOVA 4 and DELTA NOVA 6 needed to situate themselves on the cutting-edge of technology, in an advanced work habitat. In a group of dynamic, positive, and 21st century values that add up the more you get to know and enjoy them.


The DELTA NOVA buildings offer a unique image and work environment in Madrid. A perfect environment for those who want to convey a message with identity, innovation, and sustainability as their main communication ideas.

DELTA NOVA 4 and DELTA NOVA 6, besides their excellent location near several residential areas, offer you all the capacities, services, and technology that your brand needs to achieve results and improve its profits and attract talent.

Technical specifications

(Remodeling underway)
-Accessible modular
 60 x 60 cm false floor
- Accessible “Armstrong” dropped ceiling.
- HVAC installed
  by office (sectored).
- Round the clock active and
  passive security system.
- Installation of detection,
ventilation, and fire protection.
- Service lift.
- 6 elevators in each building.


The DELTA NOVA buildings bring together the finest features of a professional building, pulling together architecture, flexibility, functionality, and know-how. This turns DELTA NOVA 4 and DELTA NOVA 6 into an ideal base of operations for companies that are looking for a strategic space to continue with their strategic path.

A space that offers all the safeguards in its technical specifications. DELTA NOVA 4 and DELTA NOVA 6 certify turn-key modules, market level rental prices, as well as incentives for tenants, and the attractive possibility of corporate labeling. SEE FLOORS


A flexible and attractive place for your employees. A favorable work environment. A prestigious professional and residential environment. A great opportunity to generate profits and communicate your brand’s evolution. The DELTA NOVA buildings represent all this and much more.
Cafeteria · Café with outdoor seating · Bicycle parking · Parking for customers · Personnel, vehicle, goods, and packages control · Showers · Round the clock doorman · Personalized maintenance service in the building

Itziar Guillermo

C/ Blasco de Garay 59 1ºF 28915 - Madrid T: +34 91 032 79 33 / M: +34 686 52 16 88


Alicia Oliveros

C/ Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe 8, Bajo 28028 - Madrid T: +34 91 524 57 12 / M: +34 610 24 99 77

Investment Manager



Conchi Martín-Consuegra Garrido I Portfolio Manager

Pº Castellana 202, Planta 8 | 28046, Madrid T: +34 91 598 19 00



Miguel López Rubio | Technical Manager

Pº Castellana 202, Planta 8 | 28046, Madrid T: +34 91 598 19 00